You have clicked on the “? Find More Posts by Gerry. Terry, When you were a young boy did you have a bad encounter with an AB salesmen? November 3rd, You have to select what you want inserted in each and every segment of the rung, whether it be a straight line or an instruction. I tried all the ways everybody suggested, with no success.

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You have to select what you want inserted in each and every segment of the rung, whether it be a straight line or an instruction. Sorry to say Terry, I do not know the wonders TI can do, but I know AB helped me a lot in 1784-;ktx difficult programming situations, such as making use of their indirect and indexed addressing features, which at times greatly reduce your develop time and program size.

Hi guys; How I wish someone like Ron Beaufort was around Your first problem, and maybe your only problem is, you are using Allen-Bradley. You must insert an underscore between every word, and there are certain words I have discovered that it will not accept, such as the word “to” or the symbol ” “.


Thanks for your prompt reply.

They plucked it out of my PC and installed in one of their office PC which is running on W2K and it worked good in the very first try – no special setup used, 1784-pkktx any normal add on cards. The latest machines are working above 1 1784-pkxt. Especially if someone is in a position where they can’t influence the choice of PLC anyway. You certainly are one of the AB-Wizards that I referred to.

I was always glad to get through that AB job and move onto other things. Some tips for better search results Always go for the latest drivers from site, patches are available there Now coming to the problem, even if the device 1784-kptx says “unidentified device, check driver. Llnx 19th, I hope you configured the card and selected driver in Linx as per the instructions. Or, at least, it was at that time.

Allen-Bradley 1784-pktx/a B02 PCI Communication Module Card Adapter

A VM has its own issues but you may be able to use that as a way to use the old 32 bit driver. I prefer to “roll yer own system” using generic devices, especially, the standard BIOS.

I work in maintenance.

Find More Posts by Ken Roach. Win NT v And lonx I’d like to see you winning that bet! I notice he’s been scared off You must be a Control. At this point, I look at my initial experience with AB as being somewhat similar to my initial experience with marriage. Then the lights started to come on.


I’m not sure if theres any loss of data packets sent or received!

PKTX communication problem – Allen Bradley –

My wife I love her dearly and sincerely! I found it painful. Select the categories for which you would like to see messages displayed Having that bad experience behind me really makes me appreciate my current experience. Register a new account. The jumber on the card is set at 32bit position. No termination resistor has been provided, at any NetAIC coupler or at the end of the bus.

There are even brief moments when 5 PLCs all appear connected on line.

Please DON’T use it for advertising, etc. I thought that I would have an easy time because of my previous Process Control experiences.