Only the final armed state is reported and displayed at the keypads. For proper operation of the bell test after closing confirmation, the following rules apply: Blank – or Enabled E Allow a user with this authority level to generate opening and closing reports if the area to which this authority level is assigned sends opening and closing reports. The Service Menu is not available on D or D series keypads. Blank – or Enabled E This parameter allows the user with this authority level to initiate an RPS session when the phone rings at the control panel. Report gas supervisory missing.

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Control Panels 7 Custom Function en Custom Function Custom Functions — Overview Custom Functions are a way to moodem use of complex keystroke sequences that can be entered at the keypad.

When arming from a keyfob, the panel ignores this option. No Enable Presence Sensor.

The sequence is re-initiated the next time an alarm verification point is faulted. Designed for the factory floor. You can create a custom function that will disarm the area using passcode disarm. Reports missing fire point. The output remains active until all fire alarms have been acknowledged, returned to normal, and removed from the keypad display.

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Reports point bus failure. The control panel uses the account number as a reference for arming and keypad text displays. Door will put their access denied events in the control panel event log. Reports forced point event. This keypad does not sound the tone or activate the display.


Bosch recommends that all areas sharing the seurcomm account number use the same opening and closing window times. No Disables reporting for all diagnostic conditions. If the area is already in an alarm condition, the first passcode entry silences the alarm. The software installation package of the Bluetooh module is located in the Bluetooth CD disc.

This configuration parameter is included in Time Zone. Yes or No When this parameter is set to Modeem, the alarm bell pulses on and off every two seconds for the remaining 10 sec of Entry Delay.

DL-110 Securcomm Modem

Reports can also be sent to an IP address, if programmed. The control panel then sets its time to that of the Central Station receiver. No Response Indicates an invalid key press tone. A restricted closing report means the control panel sent an area closing report only when the area has been All On with controlled points that were faulted during the arming sequence.

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Callout 1 2 Description The parameter. Yes, No Users with authority to change the keypad display can select whether or not the keypad displays the date and time.


No restoral reports are sent. Battery Missing1,2 Yes, No Battery missing detection event. Reset Sensors This function emulates the keypad shortcut Reset Sensors. This is required to ensure that the authentication keys from the control panel to receiver are the same when the paths to the receiver use different IP Addresses or Port Numbers.

Account opening and closing reports do not contain any area information. Select Yes or No as appropriate. Yes or No The bosxh of the Fire Summary Sustain configuration option is to provide a fire or gas alarm output to keep fire strobes active after the fire or gas bell has stopped sounding. Control Panels Keypads en 79 No: Blank – or Enabled E This parameter allows the user with this authority level to change skeds that can be edited.

This function allows the user to change the Time from the keypad to make adjustments to Skeds. The panel does the encryption instead of the module.