Then you have not tried it well enough. Telescope control with filterable database. Employs a unique proactive guiding methodology. Palm Pilot or compatible running Palm OS version 2. It should also work with TheSky6 and TheSky5 but not all functionality will be present. NexRemote completely replaces the function of the real hand control as it is a virtual hand control that runs on a Windows PC.

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Computer control of “modern” NexStar’s appears to work correctly. This is a ascpm that is used by other programs to control a telescope, not a standalone program.

I do know that the Ascom is giving a virtual com port to the mount. Read more here or at the Celestron website. Collimation is applicable to all scopes that require collimation.

Telescope/Mount Drivers

NexRemote completely replaces the function of the real hand control as it is a virtual hand control that runs on a Windows PC. Tested and confirmed working software: Also controls some web cams and SBIG cameras. In other words, the ASCOM driver program acts as an interface between another program and your telescope.

All costs are in US dollars and you should certainly visit the vendor’s web site and study their latest information prior to purchase.


But maybe I’m wasting my time buying more stuff — and I really hate to waste money buying something that I don’t need. Click here to download the Gemini driver 51kb Clicking the above link will download a file called “gemini.

Controlling a Telescope from a PC over Bluetooth Using ASCOM

Numerous AVXes have been fried that way. Provides on-screen arrow buttons and other remote control features. To install a new driver, click on a link to download it, celewtron save it in the “Drivers” subdirectory of the SkyMap Pro installation directory. This problem appears to have been fixed nexsgar recent versions of the NexStar’s software.

Also provides a means to accurately collimate your scope with a camera when seeing conditions are less than optimal. When asked to slew to a target, the telescope will sometimes continue slewing forever.

This rechargeable lithium USB battery pack is optional but very useful if you have no other power source for the serial Bluetooth adapter. This also allows me to update firmware, celesfron. Set the Skysensor’s latitude, longitude and time zone to the values on the current SkyMap Pro map. Now, maybe I’m just doing something wrong. Please contact Explore Scientific for more information. NexStar Control Pad Cost: Just wondered if anyone else has done this and had any pointers.


enxstar An interface program – you install this on a Windows computer mounted on or near your scope, then connect SkySafari above running on a smartphone or tablet to WiFi Scope.

Tested and confirmed working controllers serial port based only: Simply click the OK button to continue. You currently have 0 signatures. I wonder if it is a cable that can be used for the Nexremote?

Employs a unique proactive guiding methodology. Click here to download the apgoto. Network Telescope Control Cost: This is very unique software compared to most everything else listed here. If the serial Bluetooth COM ports for some reason has not successfully been created a computer restart usually helps.