Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I’m confused about what steps to take now. Find out the powermate input event number in mine it is event7 , by running the following command A number of functions are exposed to the scripts which allows the script to interact with any of the loaded device plugins in any way desired. Before you mess with udev rules — what is the output of evtest?

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Fix touchy remotes by removing quick duplicate keystrokes Control system podermate volume Change virtual desktops Launch programs Send keyboard and mouse events to applications Send device events from one device to another, or create fake device events control a mouse cursor with a joystick, or keyboard Remote control one computer with another And more!

powermate: bindings for Griffin PowerMate USB

Install evrouter from here Create an event mapping file for evrouter with the contents: Processing triggers for libc-bin I got the linuxx one up and running using a modified version of these commands: The included example file can be a bit confusing, so I have attached a simplified version that controls powermaye PCM volume with the knob, and uses hardware liunx to make it flash when muted: PPA statistics Activity 6 updates added during the past month.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. There are also a couple of minor bug fixes as well as some fixes for 64 bit compilation. It requires pulseaudio the default in Ubuntuit changes the volume when the knob is turned and you can mute by pressing down the knob. For example, if it detects more than one it will visualize the left audio channel on one, and the right on another.


When not listening to music the device will show the current system CPU usage. Hopefully you folks can get it working it too.

Griffon up using Facebook. A simple way to get it working tested on xubuntu I want to map them to different keys other than audio control. If you’ve read through the docs and still need help feel free to try the forums! We are going to be using ROS to capture the commands and relay them to the robot.

Find out the powermate input event number in mine it is event7by running the following command Read about installing sudo add-apt-repository ppa: Or do you know of any linux compatible full turn knobs that we could use instead?

Events can be mapped at the global, or per-application level, which allows devices to behave differently depending on which application the user griiffin currently using.

Using the Griffin PowerMate with Linux

All of the event scripting support comes via the Python programming language, which is easy to read and learn, but also provides enough flexibility that some very complex input scripting solutions can be built with Gizmod.


On restart powermatee should be able to log in, launch gizmod, and have it detect your devices. Setting up moc 1: The blue light changes to reflect the current volume.

PowerMate is a registered trademark of Griffin Technologies Inc. Post as a guest Name. Some of Gizmo Daemon’s capabilities include: I love it now.

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa: View package details Overview of published packages Published in: An autostart entry has been added so it should automatically run on your next login.

This software is not affiliated or endorsed by them. Gizmo Daemon was designed to let users have their input devices control their computer in a way that makes sense to them. Now you can actually make the volume controls change the volume, or the media buttons control your music player!

On my system, running Kubuntu