Titanium forged , carbon ” Clubface: Having a driver that fits you will make all the difference. Howard 4 years ago. I am 64yo and these persimmons—smaller head size and shorter length are a good match for my slower swing speed. It was on the off-center hits where the real woods were way worse. Then metal came along, durable, easy to make, and strong and tough.

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Then, they inserted a Titanium ring in the hole for reinforcement and put one of the best shafts ever in it If you were a serious golfer the woods had to be re-finished every couple of years. Another thing to do thunper to spray the face of the metal wood you usually use with foot powder. Though, as I think about it, if you were in a profession that demanded a lot of your time, you probably would not have had as much time to play while you were working so you might not be as accomplished a player in your retirement years as someone who had a lot of time to play while they were working.

I am 64yo and these persimmons—smaller head size and shorter length are a good match for my slower swing speed.

Driver Buyer’s Guide – Golf Tips Magazine

Louisville Golf stiff steel shaft. Painter33 1 year ago. Both models have a deep CG for a high, mid-spin trajectory. I take tjumper out every two years or so and proudly bring it to the range.


The boxing glove headcover is a lot of fun too. Sometimes I consider pulling it out of storage and see how it performs. It was on the off-center hits where the real woods were way worse. Then remove some of the lead to lighten up the head. That after hitting that straight putt, the green’s even, or uneven surface, and gravity thunper over, and leads that straight hit ball to the cup.

What I can say though is the sweetspot on those babies were about the size of a quarter. Good condition, scuffs and minor scrapes from n As an old Wooden Club maker for Cobra I have seen thujper all and the fact is that the game has gone crazy with length. Now re-do the tests but exchange the modern ball with a balata and see what happens.

Louisville Thumper F.S. Drivers

The CG is deep and low, and the sculpted sides lpuisville the stiffness of the sole for greater energy transfer into the golf ball. Not bad especially with the ball technology back then as well.

Signing up is freeand you’ll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts! I have been interested in product for years and have had the opportunity to make clubs for the Pros. Beautiful classic persimmon 1 and 2 wood.


None of them have scooped crowns. LG dissertation was that the persimmons tended to concentrate the end of the shot into a smaller footprint where the titanium tended to widen that landing spot.

Everyone online hits it with a nice push-draw. It was just to louiaville out the descriptions of who was included in the test group. With three adjustable weights one gram weight and two one-gram weightsplayers can alter the shape of their shots by a staggering 35 yards. The clubface is also perfectly square.

Can’t seem to find a non-Dealer stock picture anywhere Fujikura SG Pro 3. I had it refinished by Louisville Golf themselves years ago. By far the louksville driver at address we’ve seen from Callaway. By bigoak tthumper, July 24, in Golf Talk. I broke the steel shaft on my Slazenger Plus wood laminate Driver in about The averages break out like this: Players who like to control their ballflight by adjusting weights; traditionalists who prefer classic shapes over unorthodox ones.