Click the properties button. You should get BOTH video and sound if your card has been configured properly. If you’re seeing “faint blue lines” across the screen, you should use the “xvattr” command to fix this according to Maiku’s guide. I take no responsibility for your actions, and I do not offer legal advice; please speak with your attorney if you have further questions. Obviously the installed version must match the kernel you are using.

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Nicolas Vigier However without Mythtv being able to use my PVR card, that is definitely a no-go. Comment 38 Colin Guthrie Then, install the lirc module.

MythTV Prerequisites

This string goes in the ‘button’ field of the relevant section of the. To extract shows from the database and their. There are many reasons why an ivtv compilation might fail.


Now we need to create the modules.

IVTV Install – MythTV Official Wiki

Shouldn’t there be a version of Mythtv in the tainted repository with mp3 support? Nice to see the plugins are present and working which were absent in Mageia 1. You can hear sound, but not modify it. Now let’s test the remote control:. As long as I was installing the above, I found some other multimedia software that I wanted to install.

Please be patient at this step. It should be fairly obvious how to add stations to this script and add them to the menus.

To disable ivtb, uncomment the log line. You should get an output that looks like this: Comment 20 Greg McGee Make sure you really want to transcode before transcoding.


Comment 30 Derek Jennings Greg Comment 12 Wim Coulier Now we need to extract the source we nlt downloaded and link it to the right directory. Test the mpeg file by loading it with mplayer. Right click anything with Myth in front of it and mark for installation. If you’re smarter than me, change them as needed. Views Read Edit View history. Now copy over the channel icons.


mythtv no ivtv-firmware-audio

Join Date Nov Beans As root user, make the following directory. Comment 33 Greg McGee The following information was derived from the following website: Comment 39 Greg McGee Follow these commands by copying and pasting them into the command line and pressing enter.

Now make a directory to hold the videos. Retrieved from ” https: