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How to join the "PayItForward" part of PrivateToUs.Club:  

STEP 1: Join Private To Us Club at

STEP 2: Join Shhh It's Private Using SAME USERNAME/INFO at

STEP 3: Once you join both sites, send us a support ticket from Shhh It's Private, telling us you would like help from one of our club members

STEP 4: Wait for an email response from us and your new enroller

STEP  5: If you would like more than your PIF spot in follow the funding instructions under our FAQS page.

PIF PROGRAM is $5.00 per spot you will be PIF'd in for one spot in the PIF plan




A 4 x2 company-wide matrix is 4 on the 1st phase, and 16 on 2nd phase.

At $5.00 per ad spot

Payout would be $20.00 and $80.00 = $100.00

Phase One each spot as filled under you earns $5.00

Phase Two each spot as filled under you would earn $5.00        


Complete Phase One receive a $15.00 Unclassified 30-Day Sub in Shhh It's Private and your $5.00 entry into Phase Two. 

                                                Total $20.00

Complete Phase Two receive a $25.00 entry into Phase One of


These Fabulous rewards into

                      10 Rev 1’s $10.00

                      10 Rev 2’s $20.00

                        5 Rev 3’s $25.00

                                            Total $80.00      


The Best Of Both Worlds In Two Great Private Advertising Clubs.