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Read some of the comments from our satisfied members below.

Is easy to join

I have been in a lot of rev-share/ cyclers in my 20 years working online. I have seen many come and go. I have also seen many admins take advantage of their member by (as I am sure you have all experienced) causing a jam in the program and then running off with our money.

But with PrivateToUs I have to scream from the roof top because I have never seen in all my time online a more genuine admin and a program that has been so carefully designed to keep us going for many many years.

This admin puts her money where her mouth is. She has continually demonstrated her commitment to “US” the members by running contests with huge rewards. Something you don’t see in other programs. I am talking about real money rewards!

She is as transparent as a family member. So if you are looking for something on line that can give you sustainability, a real life admin that cares about her members and a winning program this is the one!

To our success!


great service cycled 4 times out of phase 1 and purchased 3 more positions