Earlier on K8, the driver also needed to accurately do and time all the nitty-gritty low-level details of transitioning between states, and this was quite error-prone, depending on hardware. Voltage drop, easier to deactivate those than play with LLC settings. Any other tech support posts will be removed at moderator discretion. No referral links, including Amazon! Note c-state on with core boost on auto will result in very high voltages and you probably want to create a rather large negative offset to counter balance it as i watched my core voltage consistently hitting 1. Last edited by crazycheese ; ,

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So for now everything is at BIOS defaults. C-state is required to achieve the xfr function ammd you have an x line ryzen cpu. Remember to re-enable CNQ after changing the base. And another small question.

The IGP Chronicles Part 2: AMD 780G vs. Intel G45 vs. NVIDIA GeForce 8200

Last edited by crazycheese ; Sign up using Email smd Password. If you use the bus frequency, though, you are overclocking every state – which means it can become unstable when the CPU enacts its power management features. The objectives of cooler and quieter result in the name Cool’n’Quiet. Negative voltage offset should probably be applied 4.


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Someone told me that they need to improve power saving, well I am interested on power saving because I often leave the pc on while I am not at home. However, there are more people who run higher V and are able to keep it cool using stock cooler. Originally posted by phoronix View Post. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I had mine swapped last year because of the Linux segfault bug.

On Demand default variable scaling Performance always max wmd Powersave always min freq etc It requires CNQ to be enabled, otherwise it will not launch. It lowers the frequency at idle, and increases it under load. So keep in mind that this review is not to be taken al to seriously! It looks like you wrote a lowercase I instead of an uppercase I.

C6, Cool ‘n’ Quiet, Global C-state, Core performance boost : Amd

Which cpu cooler do you own? Please note that this subreddit is community run and does not represent AMD unless otherwise specified.


So with value 0 you won’t get maximum performance with Cool n Quiet on. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Be civil and obey reddiquette.


I just upgraded my kernel from 3. Ok thanks, where is power profile? Turning off CnQ resulted in an immediate improvement in our viewing experience. Want to add to the discussion?

For general cnqq overclocking you should be able to find a c state compatible overclock. I have a x asrock taichi like you. The other point is that the performance I do get varies far more with CnQ enabled. In addition to adm CPU drivers offered by AMD, several motherboard manufacturers have released software to give the end user more control over the Cool ‘n’ Quiet feature, as well as the other new features of AMD processors and chipsets.