Download full text 3. If there are still problems a new report should be made for the various issues and should mention the driver used. Try it, just remember to use the i version of ubuntu, because ndiswrapper won’t explicitly warn you about incompatibility between 64bit kernel and 32bit driver. Therefore I’m marking this bug fixed. Everything was fine on Hardy until I installed Lucid. Well, if the driver’s power management causes issues with disconnection, then I think we’ve established this isn’t an issue with wpasupplicant; so marking this Invalid. This problem occurs primarily on a WPA2 Enterprise network, but the problem has occurred on other network security configurations as well.

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Try it, just remember to use the i version of ubuntu, because ndiswrapper won’t explicitly warn you about incompatibility between 64bit kernel and 32bit driver.

Wifi dongle on MX/15 ? – Page 2 – MX Linux Forum

I noticed an updated kernel, 2. Reboot solves the problem but only temporarily. Setting the rate manually should not be necessary. When I first installed wicd, it showed me a list of wireless networks and I picked mine and put in my WPA passphrase.

Unfortunately, it looks like there’s a wireless network related bug in 2. Laptop is a Dell Latitude D with Intel wireless running kernel 2. It doesn’t like being woken up after hibernating I have to restart to get the wireless network back and for some reason, the two LEDs on the card are permanently on rather than flickering away when there’s some network action, but I am having a lot of trouble with the wireless network going down and sometimes the applications start up very slowly and are unresponsive.


After connecting, bn-wd45g you do: At least I have a usable wireless connection now. If you’re still running into issues, please make sure you file a new, separate bug for your own hardware, using the ‘ubuntu-bug linux’ command; this will file a new bug in Launchpad which the developers will be able to mark as duplicate if necessary.

Have you tried knetworkmanager or its gnome equivalent instead of the traditional ifconfig method Yast uses? Sorry linuxx asking a stupid question, but I’m experiencing problems with the rtpci driver on an old PCI wifi card which, incidentally, worked flawlessly, fast and smooth on Feisty Fawn!

It makes Debian very difficult to use. The speeds are unbelievably slow, three times slower than I was bn-wd4g Gutsy and almost 10 times slower than my sister’s we can’t loose to VISTA!

Has any member managed to fit a BlueNEXT wireless adapter to the Æ RECIVA radio?

My rt card still does not work under Hardy Alpha 2. Copyright c Intel Corporation [ Tim Gardner timg-tpi on Yes, but NM should work. The linxu occurs commonly and it’s very important – and will be easy – to fix it. I’ve tried kernel 2.


This bug was closed as Fixed Released — this means we believe the problem was truly found and corrected. Has any other forum members been able to install a suitable driver via the USB port inside either by fitting a flash drive and booting up the radio or via USB data cable connected directly to a p.

Hello, Apparently this old bug still exists. I’m seeing this as well in: Now, just as serious as we must be Instead, it re-associates in the background” Ubuntu Lucid I’ve been going on a few days now with no disconnects, so perhaps something is amiss with network-manager.

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Dell D, Intel AG. Chris Bainbridge chris-bainbridge wrote on I discovered that I could make the network go down by trying to install Amarok with the Synaptic Package Manager.

Hn-wd54g it all goes well it might benefit lots of other members struggling such as me. All working, IP is assigned, then deassigned again. Nirav Patel nrpatel wrote on That simple script is like this: There is a list of known compatible dongles here: