If you have a newer notebook, CardBus does offer a lot more “bang for the buck” as far as perfomance goes, and if your notebook is CardBus compatible, then these are the cards that you should be considering. While weight and heat don’t necessarily degrade the performance of the card, this design approach is different, because cost is the driving factor here. As with all dongle-based cards that we tested, dongles can get broken, they can get lost, they can be forgotten, but they are a less expensive solution than many of the other solutions that you will see in this review. Custom 3Com Designed Chipset – Odie. Xircom has developed a very innovative solution, indeed.

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Because of the use of the 3.

Life in the slow lane: The NNUR d–link not consider the performance of the card, as we have separate performance graphs to measure that. Although we didn’t test the modem section of the card, it is important to note that the modem in the card is a controller-less modem. The card was a radical departure from any of the PC-Cards that 3Com had designed before. This card didn’t weigh as much as the F5D, or produce as much heat as the F5D From the great response to this review, it was obvious to us that you wanted us to dig deeper into networking technology.

Although we do select a winner in the “combo” category, it should be noted that we considered all modem performance equal.

D-Link DMFTXD DirectPort PC Card (Modem)() Free Driver Download for Windows

In many ways, it appears that 3Com introduced the FEBT cards to replace the aging technology of the card series. The manual does give a good step-by-step overview of setting up Internet Connection-sharing under Windows, which is nice. Love it or hate it, the X-Jack has been around network/moedm long time and and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Depending on your needs, you might have to choose one method or the other.


D-Link DME 560ct – Network / Modem Combo

The recently announced CardBay and Miniature Card formats have not yet made their way into the notebook market. Max Fax Transfer Rate. The Type II cards come in three types: Networking rmf-560txd Shara Tibken Oct 22, I have taken the liberty of giving the connector types names, to help you better recognize which connector technology we are referring to in the reviews.

Floppy Drive – Intergrated. We then dmf-560txe each vendor a hard deadline that was another thirty days from the original request date, so that each vendor had sixty days to ship the product to our labs for tests. Smart Home by Brian Bennett Dec 3, Of course, some vendors were more happy with this arrangement than others and we did receive some interesting responses from the manufacturers regarding which cards they chose to ship. Belkin is new to the networking product space.

D-Link DMF 560TX Plug-in module Network / modem combo

One of the complaints that we regularly hear about the X-Jack is that the construction of it is just too flimsy. As we discussed above, this can lead to problems if the proper laptop case with adequate space isn’t selected.

While weight and heat don’t necessarily degrade the performance of the card, this design approach is different, because cost is the driving factor here. With the shipping cost added in, you can almost buy a new card for the cost of the replacment dongle.


Again, this was a solution that was sourced in Taiwan that focuses more on low cost than on performance. When looking at the connector possibilities as we did above, they can be broken down into four different types for simplification.

With the F5D, you don’t get any bells and whistles. Because of the limited surface area of the Mini-PCI, it takes a lot of development and integration to get all of the chips into a small, double-sided space.

D-Link DFETXD Bit 10/Mbps Fast Ethernet PCMCIA Adapter –

Often, during the vendor dmf-560xtd process, it is possible to select dmf-560xtd specify which Mini-PCI card will be included with the notebook s that you purchase, depending on the vendor and as long as the Mini-PCI card you’ve chosen is compatible.

Xircom took the development of the Type III card to the extreme next level with the introduction of the RealPort 2 – and the design team at Xircom has to be commended for such an outstanding innovative design! Additionally, the family supports the use of the 3Com Mobile Connection Manager MCM software, which can be configured to allow users to select a variety of network configurations.

Their replacement can be a significant cost problem for IT shops. Vombo amount of thought and time that went into the design of the C card is obvious.