My guess is, you don’t have one. I would really like to be able to use the gnx because of the virtually endless possibilites and amp modeling and effects etc It doesn’t matter whether you use ASIO or WaveRT, just choose the one that seems to work the best with your sound device, giving you low latency without glitching. Mesh Max Output Level: Digitech gnx into an interface into mixcraft 5 Support and feedback for Acoustica’s Mixcraft audio mixing software.

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I know i probably sound dumb here but again i am brand new to all of this. I also have a tascam us interface do u think i can get around the problems u listed if i run the gnx into the interface? Is it possible to run my digitech gnx into an interface an then into mixcraft 5???

Another utility to check out is an app they made to edit the parameters on a computer is a GUI to tap into the pedal via its USB cable. For amp use, can simply run the mono amp output to a clean amp channel.

Digitech gnx into an interface into mixcraft 5 – Acoustica User Forums

They seem thin with no bottom. They have guitars and amps and allow testing they supposedly test themselves View the Media Kit. Can’t afford one, Get a McJob, Whatever it takes.


The one thing that really bothers me about this unit is I would have preferred to have 3 banks of programs each with one of those banks being user programmable. I have 32 aslo windows vista and from what I think I understand is that I should be using wave rt and have no use for asio???? Keep us posted, bil.

Better options for not too much more? Digitech gnx into an interface into mixcraft 5 Support and feedback for Acoustica’s Mixcraft audio mixing software. Personal preferrence I suppose. Setup for this takes a while, but when completed, the USB umbilical can be unplugged. The unit is First in the effects loop on my stage rig.

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R goes to my amp. Yup – more than happy Mettelus. User Control Panel Log out. Login or Sign Up. That app alone I forget its namewas nice, since it removed the need to manipulate all the tiny buttons and menus on the pedal itself. The pawn shop part makes me very leery, as you would definitely want to give that a workout before you bought it. I totally forgot how well this sounds, and a little cleaning did wonders for it.


But here’s the deal. The drivers can be used for audio interface functions, with just a bit more latency than I would use and do not need. Thus far, the expression Pedal has yet to be custom programmed for anything, but will take up to 3 FX so want to think about how I would employ this going forward. Buy or build the computer system I mentioned before, install Win7 and MC5, and start recording with your new gear and become a star.

Latency is non existent. Then, I play lead guitar.

Using GNX3000 as an ASIO in Ableton Live 6.0

It’s also enabled me to grab a backup of all the settings. Congrats Shellsta on the new toy!!

I wouldn’t have to go out and learn a completely new system. Best to move on or tell them to lower the price significantly.

Good for you ShellstaX!!! Other than Musicians Friend sells them for Please compare them with the card your choice.