Dominics downgrade doesnt work for me here. Well, basically it allows you to give the X server a dictionary for the translation of keycodes like “97” into more human readable synonyms like “Home”. The remaining discussion gives you various more complicated ways to achieve the same thing. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. I’d also prefer double stepping.

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Again try and pick one that is not likely to have already been taken by something, such as Thinkpadd. Nominated for Karmic by ktp Confirming behaviour on Thinkpad X Notification pops up when I press the brightness keys, but no change will be displayed.

If you do not see any output from the keypress it is not handled.

How to get special keys to work – ThinkWiki

Now Hotkdy found a solution and am here to share it: Many thanks to Dominic, whose solution worked better than I first expected! When I execute the setup.

Xorg in turn gets these key events through the evdev driver and will no longer try to take control of the input devices away from the kernel. Follow the instructions on the screen. The other hotkeys generate the correct events ibbm are handled as usual.


T42 – ThinkPad Hotkey Feature Integration Ver. will not install – Lenovo Community

You can use the setkeycodes command to remap certain keys. I get an error message ‘app crashed It provides OSD, and still appears to thinipad double stepping.

Best Regards Solid Cruver Did someone help you today? Than the system update program tells me to istall the Feature manually.

Lenovo G Windows Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design hootkey recycling solutions. After installation of the packages inputlirc [4] and lirc, you can test it with the irw command.

IBM Thinkpad Fn-Key

I have another setup with a logitech wireless keyboard and volume control keys on that have the expected behavior, they change the volume and OSD stays in sync with it. Message 1 of 7.

Click Start and then click Run. I’m glad It worked for you!

Here’s an example of assigning a hotkey by it’s scancode: You may find that by default some buttons will work in Xorg and others will not e. Nothing is installed nor can I see what version is installed.


You need the hotkey driver first, and the utility later, I believe If you extracted the files to a different location, specify that location instead.

After, right clicking on the desktop and selecting the “Reconfigure” menu option, you should then have xmms pop up when you hit the ThinkVantage key.

Install Hotkey Features Integration 3. I can confirm this bug on my thiinkpad ThinkPad R [Intel video card version]. Update install is recommended. But before you get started on this you should make sure you have all the updates applied from your distro vendor as both Ubuntu 8.

Message 4 of 7. Buttons work but OSD not. Most Thinkpads have a hardware sound mixer, thus the volumes buttons should work without configuration.