The materials that are good for this application are not glass and are probably very expensive, and not readily available to an amateur builder. Originally Posted by srtga. For what they cost, use as a CM is not sensible in my estimation. Return to General Night Vision Discussion. Makes you think that it would be unlikely that they had a display that had to be hooked up to a stand alone computer with a 4, dollar PCI data rendering card, right? What problems do you see?

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I have a night vision scope I have been trying to get mounted in my H3 and hooked up to the aux input on my NAV screen, but am no having much luck I am deployed in Afghanistan, it’s at home, and I am trying to figure out all this stuff before I get home. You’re still not going to see any farther than the IR bulbs can shine This all confirms Protias has the correct approach.

I hope I can make it work out. I was quoted about 6K when I bought my Alpha for the infra-red system.


I love those kind of high-up near-earth high-resolution shots. I was thinking maybe with some basic digital enhancements and some lenses that could be a solution.


I used to drive off road years ago with my night vision googles on. I think you are right. Not being able to leave well enough alone, I have another thought.

Enthusiasts say few veterans can affor. Does anyone know the output language of a detector like this. Den, I’d have to look in to it.

Do you know where they are based? With the ecu, I think that autoliv system with the ECU will give you a red box on nightfriver lcd when things are too close to your camera designed as pedestrian alert I would look at the software on www.

We have around 60K employees now so gawd only knows what raythfon they suck up before us Thank you for looking, and thank you Dino and CJ for being awesome, and inspiring me to get out my pocketbook and have some fun. Like I said, this is all just crap I’ve picked up from the web so it could be BS Still works, but now Nightdruver am worried about it.

There is a lot of functionality on this camera that I may never achieve, but i am willing to try. Both look very much the same in photos with the main difference being the number nightdriver pins on the connection the Autoliv only has six. If it is too big of a bear, I may end up selling it and buying one of those ebay cameras.


Raytheon L3 Flir(?)nightdriver Automotive Infrared Night Vision Camera A11

Board index All times are UTC. Discuss general tech topics here. I would bet you could call Raytheon and get a OEM plug with even a raytheln of what each wire does.

Discuss night vision equipment and technology.

The pin configuration is shown in Figure 1a. L-3 does own them too now.

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Locating the PCI card for a reasonable cost is probably step one. Everything I can find says there is nifhtdriver common video output from your model. Originally Posted by Eloi. What I am finding is that this is not so for several reasons: